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ICEskool provides classes for children where they create cool things with their own hands

We teach kids a range of digital and computer skills through various courses according to their age, helping them navigate in the new digital world and create their own digital inventions and solutions.

Coding < CodeLand >

Various courses
Age 6-15
1 lesson per week
60-120 min lessons
Lego education sets
Age 4-15
1 lesson per week
36 lessons per year
Different skills levels
Becoming creators and not just users
There are currently millions of unfilled STEM jobs in the world, and the number will increase every year. Give your kids a superpower they can use anywhere in the future
Children are not just building robots, they are getting acquainted with various machines and mechanisms, studying robotics, physics, mathematics, and electricity, moving from one stage to another, from simple to complex. They create robots, learn code and have fun with classmates.

Robotics < RoboZone >

Coming soon

& Animation

& Maths

& Social media

Do you want to know more about robotics, coding and how it influences your child’s education, register your interest in a trial lesson below
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Skills your child will gain
  • Knowledge
    Become familiar with modern and future technology
  • Engineering
    Conceptual thinking and creativity to build and code robots
  • Motor skills
    Working with hands on lego construction
  • Electronics
    Creating and assembling circuits
  • Laws of maths and physics
    Seeing how they work in action
  • Team work
    Using communication by collaborating with others
  • Figurative thinking
    Through 3D design and printing
  • Problem solving
    Through discovery, research, logic, solution and presentation
Your child will learn in the most interactive way
Yearly program from simple to advanced, kids can start from as little as 4 years old and advance in robotics and coding until they are 15
We teach to create, not just to follow
Not just teachers, but mentors and industry wizards
Hands on lessons, 80% — doing, 20% — theory
If you want to know more about our amazing programs or just want to talk to someone, then leave your contact details and we will contact you shortly
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